Testimonials | Give us one night, we’ll give you a better day.

I feel privileged to have been one of the first to sleep in “the deep” and tell the world about it or at least our little corner of the radio world.Winn Butterworth was one of our Morning Show sponsors on WRVA back in the mid-nineties when we were given the challenge of trying to describe the ultimate sleep experience afforded by his handmade mattress topped with what we called “ Winndom foam”. We had a lot of fun back then with imagery and double entendre, but the bottom line was and is that this singular sleep surface is the most comfortable and restful way to spend your horizontal hours. My Winndom mattress, after more than 10 years, continues to help my wife and I make the most of our designated down time, especially since I don’t still face a 3AM alarm. As much as we like to travel with kids, homecoming is so much sweeter anticipating the return to the nurturing, familiar feel of “the deep” in our bed at home.

Thanks Winn, for the sweet dreams,
Tim Timberlake

Dear Custom Comfort by Winn,

Just wanted to drop you a little note of sincere appreciation for the way you handled our mattress exchange. It was a pleasure to deal with you on what could have been an unpleasant experience. We love our new mattress!! You can be sure that we will recommend Custom Comfort by Winn to our family and friends.

Laurie and Dennis White

Dear Custom Comfort by Winn,

My husband and I had needed to get a new mattress for a long time. The old one we were sleeping on was killing our backs. Every morning we got up and were stiff and achy. We just kept putting off shopping for one. There are so many kinds we didn’t know where to start. Then one day we decided to give the Winndom™ Mattress a try. After lying on one for a few minutes we had to have one. We couldn’t wait. The first night we slept on it was wonderful. The next morning was unbelievable. One night on this mattress and there was no back discomfort for either one of us. Thank you!!!

Paul and Jo Donati

Dear Winn Butterworth,

I’m happy to tell you that Ball Realty Corporation has been so pleased with our Winndom™ Mattresses in the past, we’re placing another large order for a hotel remodeling project. The 250 Winndom™ Mattresses we purchased seven years ago for a local Holiday Inn have performed beautifully. Even though they’ve accommodated more than 400,000 travelers, they remain structurally sound and continue to give our guests the kind of comfort they usually find only at home. It’s clear to me that the quality of your mattress is far superior to any other I’ve come across in over 25 years of purchasing bedding for the hospitality industry.

I look forward to working with you again.

Michael E. Gillam, CHA
General Manager
Ball Realty Corporation

Dear Custom Comfort by Winn,

I’m writing to let you know how happy your Winndom™ Adjustable Mattress has made one of my customers. After sleeping in her new bed just twice, she called to say she’d enjoyed two of the best nights’ sleep she’d had in 20 years. She uses the bed’s adjustable feature to raise her feet to reduce ankle swelling, and says the bed has helped relieve her back pain. In fact, she says it’s so comfortable that instead of curling up in a chair and reading in the afternoon, she reads in her bed. Thank you for helping our store thoroughly satisfy a customer!

Robin Childress, Vice President
Virginia Wayside Furniture
Richmond, Virginia

Dear Custom Comfort by Winn,

In 1989 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a little-known disease distinguished by cyclic but severe pain in the neck, shoulders and upper back, causing the muscles to spasm and knot up. In 1995, in an attempt to relieve the pain at night, I purchased the most expensive Serta mattress I could find, but it gave me no relief. I started sleeping on a Winndom™ Mattress over five years ago and am no longer awakened by pain in the middle of the night. In fact, I wake up pain free most of the time. This mattress is so comfortable that my husband and I curtail our vacations so that we will not be away from home more than one night at a time OR we load up the mattress and take it with us. My life and health are markedly improved because of our Winndom™ Mattress.

Sharon A. Sims

Dear Custom Comfort by Winn,

I just wanted to let you know about a great experience we had with the Winndom Mattress Company.

Back in January we were looking for a new mattress set. We had tried the “sleep number” beds at relatives’ homes and were not impressed. So we decided to test out the Winndom™ Mattress. We thought it was great and ended up buying a set. But the story doesn’t end there.

Even though we tried different models in the showroom, we didn’t really notice much difference in the firmness of the sets. But after a couple months’ of use we decided the one we selected was too firm for us. We didn’t think we could do anything about it so we just let it go. We were getting a good night’s sleep and our chronic backaches were history.

But in July, I heard that the company would do anything it could to make sure its customers were happy. So we explained that we liked the mattress but wished it were softer, and asked if there was anything they could do. They let us exchange our top mattress for another of our choice. All we had to do was pay the difference between models. And this after almost eight months of use!

If we weren’t sold on the company before, we certainly are now. We’ve had our softer mattress for a couple of weeks now and it’s perfect! I will definitely tell everyone I know about this experience and recommend they try a Winndom™.

Mary Garland
Davidsonville, MD

Dear Mr. Butterworth,

I just had to take this opportunity to write you about my new Winnsations™ Mattress. I have never experienced anything close to this type of rest and comfort before. Because I have back pain, I was concerned that bedding so incredibly soft and comfortable might add to the morning stiffness I experience. Well, I can’t believe it but I can jump out of bed when I wake up feeling 20 years younger and totally rested! My wife and I have tried many different manufacturers over the years and your product greatly surpasses the others, hands-down. We are actually going to bed earlier just to enjoy this incredible feeling. You have far exceeded my greatest expectations with your new bedding line. In times when people only talk a good story, you have truly delivered the goods!

Keep up the great work.

John Dickey