What We Do

Our goal is to offer the best nights sleep that you can get. Through years of research and development, we believe we have perfected our mattresses to be the perfect sleeping machines. Below is a list of components that we feel are what separates us from other mattress brands.
Made in the USA: Not only are our mattresses manufactured here in Virginia, but every ounce of raw material that goes into our mattresses is also made in America.
Two-sided Mattresses: Several years ago the mattress industry went away from two-sided mattresses, pushing the idea that there was no need to flip anymore. The truth is that a two-sided mattress can potentially double the lifespan of your mattress if flipped and rotated correctly. This is something that you will rarely find from the national brands.
 SupportThe innerspring we use for our mattresses is made with the heaviest gauge coil wire in the industry. This innerspring allows your muscles to relax in a more natural position and the coils instantly adjust to your sleep movements, comforting and supporting your body.
High-density foams: The foams that we use are some the best available, and all are made here in America. Every foam we use has a high density and compression rating. What this means is that not only will our foams support you, but they will last for years.
Lifetime Foundation: Our wood foundations provide a base-level support that is second to none. They are made from No. 2 kiln-dried pine, and are guaranteed to hold up for a lifetime. Once you buy a Winndom mattress set, you should never have to replace your foundation again.
Chemical Free Flame Retardant: The Consumer Product Safety Commission adopted new regulations that require mattresses, mattress sets, and futons manufactured after July 1, 2007, to resist ignition to an open flame source such as a match, cigarette lighter, or candle. Since then chemicals in many flame retardants have been linked to cancer, infertility and brain disorders. Our Winndom mattresses have a chemical-free FR barrier that is made here in the USA. It is Non-Toxic, breathable, and Non-Allergenic.